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Live Review - Dirty Pretty Things & Humanzi - Manchester Academy 2 - 12th March 2006

I really am the wrong person to write this. The Libertines are and always will be my favourite band of all time. Fact. the band I would die for, the band I’d flog my own mother on e-bay for, the band that I’d cut off my own foot for and, well, you get the picture. Having followed Pete's shamble's since the Libs split, going from a working men’s club in Wigan to the dizzying heights of the Academy 1 via Oldham's NYE bash at the Castle I’ve pretty much proved my loyalty. It wouldn't matter to me if Carl came on stage tonight and opened with a cover of 80's hair-spray-metalers Whitesnake and in turn finished with a cover of the delightful 'My Humps' by the ooh-so talented Black Eyed Penises, Pricks, erm, sorry Peas. I would still love him and everything that he stood for. Libertine ‘til the end and all that. But, as I keep telling myself, this isn't the Libertines. There is no Pete, there is no John Hassell and there is no Gary. Wait. Hold on a minute........... oooh for fucks sake !

There’s a little matter of new rock outfit Humanzi to get through first. These Dublin boys are here to sell what they got to the crowd and anyone that has already purchased their latest single 'fix The Cracks' will know what I’m talking about. Take an Irish Kasabian vocal and throw in a sound that’s one part Sonic Youth and one part Brit-Snot-Punkers Kill Keneda and your with me, they rip thru a 6 song set which includes newies 'Fix The Cracks', 'Long Time Coming' and their head-busting B-Side 'Get Your Shit Together' . Its clear to me and the crowd that Humanzi will be one of the stars of 2006, I met the lead singer at the end of the gig and he assured me that me and my friends would get a shout out when they play Night & Day later in the year. I like them even more now. Good lads.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m excited. Its wrong for a fella to be this excited by the sight of four blokes and their instruments. First we have The Libs skins man Gary who minces his way to the drums under a huge cry of "Gaaaary! Gaaaary!" from the crowd, closely followed by post-Pete Libs replacement Anthony Rossamando, former TCTC bassist and chief knob-turner Didz arrives and then Carlos himself, fresh faced, dressed in his trademark black bikers jacket, vest and jeans with a United Kingdom flag wrapped inch perfectly around his waist. So British. So fuckin’ cool. In this writers humble opinion if Pete was the heart and the soul of The Libs then Carl was the look and sound, this is ever present as he tears through their first song of the night, a track called ‘Deadwood’ which is delivered with such pace and style that it looks hard for the rest of the band to keep up, they do though, Didz revelling in his new role with more freedom and expression than before and Anthony fighting with his guitar still with a lit cigarette in his mouth. Gary destroys his drums on the next few tracks which include ‘Gin and Milk’, ‘The Enemy’ and the Didz led ‘Playboys‘.

A treat for me & the crowd follows with ‘Death On The Stairs’, a real cracker from “Up The Bracket” and when Carl sings “……..and from way far across the sea…” everyone around gets taken back to Libs wonderland, everyone has their eyes closed are imagining being back in 2002 when it all started. Pure magic. The usual encore is followed by another of the Libs live favourite’s ‘France’ and then new single ‘Bang Bang Your Dead’, a song that is clearly about Pete and how Carl was feeling at the time of the Libs split - “I knew all along/that I was right form the start/bout the seeds and the weeds/that grew in your heart” clearly shows Carls side of the story for the first time and that this song is brutally honest but also very, very good, it rattles along at 100 MPH and demands that you bounce to every second of it. The encore of ‘I Get Along’ is like watching a holy man deal out sermons to the poor, in 251 seconds the crowd and the artist are one and the gig reaches its crescendo with a mass cry of ‘Fuck Em’.

It seems clear to me that as one Libertine seems destined to spend most of 2007 in a police cell with the blood-sucking animal that is the British tabloid press the other has come along to rescue the fans that sill believe in Arcadia and everything it offers. No supermodels, no drugs, no police. Carl is back. Libertines should not give up, the good ship Albion has a new captain and judging by tonight one that will lead the charge into the waters ahead for some time.

Words by Chad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can a band that have only been about for five minutes be your "favourite band of all time" ?

Presumably, you haven't heard a great deal of music.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Matt & Chad said...

You might want to read that again Chief.... Chad was saying that The Libertines are his favourite band of all time, not DPT.

Which they are...


9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - I can read...
I, too, was referring to The Libertines.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Matt & Chad said...

Five minutes?

The Libs had two albums plus other bits and pieces. Hardly five minutes.

What, do you think bands have to earn their dues, and release at least five albums before our consider them worthy of consideration?

How odd.

You don't read Mojo by any chance, do you?


11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree what you said about the libs just then. if someone can call the pistols, or the la's their fav band of all time (both of whom only did one album), then surely they can call the libertines it too (who have one great album, one great mini album, one average second album, brilliant b-sides, and millions of assorted greats/ghouls in the form of demos, live tracks, alternative tracks , poems, stories, words etc).

but, i disagree with you when your review when you say that arcadia is alive and well, and living in dpt. how can a band who are so sleazily, corporatly managed by alan 'doing it for the kids' mcgee be supposedly free-spirited?
look closely at dpt - at the numerous official websites, the tacky news stories on those sites, the little 'vertigo' ads on the emails/websites...doesnt it make you feel sick?? it does me, because the libertines, somehow, managed to avoid all that conveyor-belt crap, and that was one of the main things which was so invigorating about them from 2002-2003.

dtp are on a crappy label, with cruddy management who are willing to make as much money out of fans as possible. everything is pre-planned - and the whole thing smacks of self-important industry bods ripping off innocent fans. that sxsw story about their show being pulled was full of so much record company spin it left me wondering whether mcgee had been fondling tony blair again.

now, of course you will argue that pete rips fans off too by charging £15 for secret gigs etc...but it's different because the things he does (even his court appearence today) are enthralling...excruciating, even: this is down to the fact that he is everything dpt are not: unpredictable, not pre-planned, edgy, personality-based, and FREE-SPIRITED. isnt THAT what his former bandmates and him spoke so highly of a few years ago?

like it or not (and personally, i dont really like it) pete is still more of a free spirit than carl.
and whats it comes down to, is, which of the following is better suited to a indie musician:

to be tied down by class As?

or to be tied down by filthy businessmen?

it's a tough call, i think you'll agree. i know which one i prefer (this is rock and roll after all, where image IS nearly everything, believe it or not).

anyway, i forgot to say earlier, nice blog! (i'm a different anonymous to the earlier one, by the way!). ta!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Matt & Chad said...

Nicely written argument that my anonymous friend. I personally don't agree - I think PD has pissed away almost every shred of talent he had and that Carl is the future, but nevertheless - you make some good points.

Thanks for the nice comment too.


6:23 PM  

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