Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Town Called……

… In AD 79 the Romans built a fort on the east bank of the River Irwell called Mancunium.

The rest, as they say good people, is history….

I am somewhat of patriot. An ambassador if you will. Not as much for my country but for my city. The city of Manchester. Its hard for me to put into words what this City and its heritage means to me, everything about her from the shine on the glass at the top of Europe’s tallest apartment block down to the very weeds that grow under foot in Piccadilly, from the derelict houses in Collyhurst to the Thirsty Scholar on Oxford Road I feel like I belong here more than anywhere else in the world. In 1844 it became the worlds first industrial city, the birthplace of the Working-Class citizen as it where. This computer I write on was born in Manchester, the Small-Scale Experimental Machine, known as SSEM, was designed and built at The University Of Manchester, and made its first successful run of a program on June 21st 1948. Its where Vimto was born. But it’s the music that has been made and played here over the last 4 decades which has carved a further place in the history books and helped in some way to shape everything we listen to today.

Rock & Roll was always meant to be working class you see, if you’re middle class you have a work ethic, where it’s a wonderful job and you work at it and you make lots of money and take it all very seriously. Bands like U2 and Coldplay are perfect examples of this. If your working class in the Music Industry it’s a bit like robbing the bank. Rob the bank, take the money, shove it up your nose and fuck off. Happy Mondays anyone ? Its this working class ethos coupled with some Northern swagger and attitude that make Manchester’s music unique, I have witnessed it all over the world. In New York you can walk into any bar in the Lower side of Manhattan and find Joy Division on the jukebox, in Melbourne Australia a single sentence strung together in a Manc accent can make girls go weak at the knees (Believe me I’ve seen it happen!) and in Singapore you can be stopped by randomly excited young teens who have spotted you ‘Fac 51’ Haçienda t-shirt. In June 1976 it became Punks second home after a little known band called The Sex Pistols played the Lesser Free Trade Hall at the invitation of just established Manc tunesters the Buzzcocks, in attendance that very night we have a few a names that would soon be whispered by every music fan in the North as, in some way shape or form, pioneers. Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle & Howard Devoto (Buzzcocks), Peter Hook, Steven Morrissey, Bernard Sumner, Anthony Wilson, Marc Riley, John The Postman and some ginger twat called Mick Hucknall. In 1978 post-punk was born by the enigmatic Joy Division, turning their raw musicianship into a virtue, inventing an austere, intense, industrial sound and when local media figure Tony Wilson signed them to his new Factory label, a legendary era began.

Joy Divisions legacy covered the Manchester music scene like a thick layer of fog and more diverse bands began forming though out the 80’s. The Fall & The Smiths arrived giving an even more unique sound and vibe to City and in1989 via Wilson’s Factory label ‘Baggy’ was born. The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses enjoyed world wide success and helped to create the Rave culture that was sweeping through the city and down the throats of the millions of teens who swamped to the Haçienda every weekend. The DJ ruled for the first time in history and with a fearless play list of deep Chicago dance grooves plus the Northern beats of New Order & 808 state, house music was established. Madonna made the stage at the ‘Haçi’ for her first ever performance outside the US. In 1994 in a small suburb of Manchester known as Burnage 2 young brothers were creating a noise that would soon become the world beating super-power of today that is Oasis. Even to this very hour established bands such as Doves & Nine Black Alps coupled with the as yet un-signed but growing belly of groups and artist’s that frequent the City’s Bierkeller and Night & Day venues continue to contribute to Manchester’s legacy.

Here for your enjoyment are a selection of Tracks, a music menu, a little slice of the Mancunian pie, some of the finest cuts of music that this City has offered and that people will look back on and use as examples as to why this place, Manchester, is one of the most important City’s in Musical history. Just fire up iTunes, Napster or your illegal downloading software of choice and dive right in.



The Durutti Column - Collette

Joy Division - Shadowplay

Slaughter And The Dogs - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone ?

The Fall - It’s the New Thing

Buzzcocks - Lipstick

Magazine - Burst

The Chameleons - Don’t Fall

A Certain Ratio - Shack Up

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now ?

New Order - True Faith

The Stone Roses - Sugar Spun Sister

The Charlatans - Weirdo

Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro

Intastella feat. Shaun Ryder - Can You Fly Like You Mean It ?

Inspiral Carpets - Saturn 5

808 State - Pacific 707

Northside - Shall We Take A trip

Blackgrape - Kelly Heroes

Oasis - Fade Away

Doves - Pounding


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one Chad -great peice. Manchester the King of England Manchester the Majesty of music - never forget Paris Angels (Perfume) and the Newfads (big) two of the best songs ever.....

Luv Mikey xx

Alright Matt my son....

1:49 AM  

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