Saturday, July 22, 2006

Album Review - Amusment Parks On Fire - Out Of The Angeles

Well, for all you peasants that didn't get into their 1st album, here's what you've been missing, APOF's 2nd album. I thought I’d heard of the last of this kind of stuff with MBV but thank God someone's had the sense to resurrect it.” Out of the Angeles" starts off with the title track and what a f**kin' track it is! I've no idea what he's singing about, something about castles or string or something, it doesn't matter, the sheer unstoppable power of the guitars is spine tingling and you’re on your 3rd orgasm before it ends. You get a slight post coital cig break whilst the 2nd track, "A Star is Born" warms up, but not for long, 2 mins in and the volume and melancholia are upped a notch then after another minute of pounding noise, it climaxes with the reason God invented guitars, simply awesome. They thoughtfully made track 3 a shit one so you can calm down after the first 2, song 4 starts promisingly but starts to sound American, and then we reach "To the Shade" which is more thoughtful than the 1st 2 but still has the bite of a pitbull with a fractured scrotum with its relentless drumbeat.

I think even Mr Curtis would have baulked at making track 6, BEWARE not to be listened to lightly, and at over 5 and half mins long easily gives you chance to get the gas on. Blackout is next but because I’m so good and have been listening to this for months I can't be arsed to review it apart from to say its 4th best. Await Lightning is their 2nd attempt at American rock and best avoided, track 9 is a strange one, begins with the melody of the title track with a girl (probably a gorgeous Harriet Wheeler type) humming along, then turns into something of a dirge which leads to the final track, "Cut to the Future Shock" which I can't get to the end of in my haste to get back to the 1st song again. To be fair, its difficult to give this album a fair review, the first 2 songs are so relentlessly breathtaking that after you've listened to them you've got nothing left for the rest of the album. If you don’t like APOF you are either a girl or you’ve got no soul, this album could wake the dead, it's as simple as that.

Ps, and he's only about 12, it's enough to make you sick!

Words by IGUN guest reiewer Vincent Lunn


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track 3 isn't shit

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