Friday, July 07, 2006

Laugh? I nearly went to Wales...

IGUN has never liked the Manic Street Preachers - there's nothing worse than people who think they are cleverer than they really are - and when their lyrics are so god awful it really is just the pits. But to be fair, that's mainly down to the AWOL Richie Edwards and the unfortunately still-with-us Nicky Wire. However, we've always had a grudging respect for James Dean Bradfield, who can belt out a tune like a good 'un, and obviously has more talent than the rest of the MSP put together.

Anyway, whilst researching his new solo album, we stumbled across these sites - two initially convincing piss-takes of the Manics figureheads. (Clearly Sean Moore was not considered important enough to merit a satirical swipe.) Someone has gone to a lot of effort of these - even registering the right domain names - and we haven't laughed so hard since we last saw a picture of Brandon Flowers with his beard.


James Dean Bradfield
Nicky Wire



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