Monday, July 31, 2006

New Band Review - White Light Parade - Leeds Cockpit - 19th July 2006

Taking to the stage with the confident strut of an experienced rock band, it's hard to imagine that these are the only band tonight without a record deal. But it's true, they are and tonight they could change all that for the better and in the opener Wood for the Trees - a Ska throw back, complete with trumpet and a chugging backbone of a rhythm section - you can see that happening. With their confidence soaring, Chants of W.L.P from both the 150 + crowd and from the stage they storm in to the towering Riot in the City, recently purchased by Nissan (yes - THAT Nissan) for use on an advert, and it tears the place apart.

A couple of Emo(!) tinged numbers later and they really are owning the Cockpit tonight. Its now time for the bands trump card - an extended Wait for the Weekend - its soaring choruses making it now sound like a bonafide classic and with front man/lead guitarist Danny really throwing out the rock shapes with a shimmering solo they take the roof off the Cockpit and leave us all in the crowd baying for more.

The band then exit with the same confidence the entered knowing it's a Job well done. Deal or no deal methinks this lot are going places. Up the W.L.P

Words by guest writer Mikey Phillips

White Light Parade (MySpace)


Anonymous Chad said...

Very good indeed.

Great band, the Circus beckons me thinks....

7:03 PM  

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