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What's On the Playlist..... August 2006

Since It's Grim Up North seems to be in a bit of pre-festival lull at the moment, as we wait for the highlight of the musical year, here's a bit of an insight into what has been filling our Winamp playlist for the last couple of weeks.

The Divine Comedy - Absolute Power

Turns out there are more hidden treasures from the recording of Neil Hannon's return-to-form album Victory For The Comic Muse. Long regarded as a bit of a lost classic in its live form by fans of the band, The Divine Comedy have finally recorded a studio version of Absolute Power and it's fantastic. As a study of the shallowness of fame it's everything that the single Diva Lady should have been but sadly wasn't. It can be found as a B-side to the new To Die A Virgin E.P.

Download Absolute Power from iTunes here.

The Holloways - Two Left Feet

Now Bona Fide chart stars, this fiddle-wielding punk hoedown simply refuses to leave the IGUN playlist. If it was crap it would sound like The Levellers but thankfully it's ace.

Download Two Left Feet from iTunes here.

Muse - Invincible

As we impatiently await Muses inevitable domination of the Leeds Festival next weekend, we can't help but feel that this must.... MUST... be their set closer. The very definition of a slow burner, the idea of 40,000 singing along to the line "And tonight, we can truly say, together we're invincible" is giving us goosebumps already.

Download Invincible from iTunes here.

The Automatic - Monster

You know this already of course, but this is another festi-anthem in waiting. Anyones opinion of The Automatic will depend entirely on what you make of keyboard player Alex Pennie - the guy whose strangulated yelps make it sound like he has trapped his testicles in a barbed wire fence. But never has a song so entirely been based around a killer chorus since the peak of Terrorvisions fame, and "What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? IS IT A MONSTER?" seems most likely to replace "Bollocks!" as the night time cry of choice around the Leeds campsite.

Download Monster from iTunes here.

Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

Now this is brilliant! We had no idea that multi-pierced metallers Disturbed had done a cover of Genesis' none-more-eighties anthem Land Of Confusion, but they have and it rocks. This even caused IGUN to dig out Invisible Touch and wistfully remember a time when anything Phil Collins was involved wasn't automatically shit.

Download Land Of Confusion from iTunes here.

Adam Green - Novotel

Songs which reference smoking crack sung in a deceptively alluring baritone? It can only be ex-Moldy Peach Adam Green of course, and this little gem from his Jacket Full Of Danger LP contains everything that makes him such a star in just 99 seconds.

Download Novotel from iTunes here

Jarvis - Running The World

If you haven't already heard the pleasingly profane and pissed off comeback call from Mr Jarvis Cocker, this is a must-download. It's a sort of disco-stomp protest record and IGUN cannot wait for his forthcoming solo record.

Download Running the World from iTunes here.

Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On

Are the wheels starting to come off the Arctic Monkeys express train to world domination? Whilst we applaud the Sheffield Scallywags for releasing new material so soon after their debut album, rather than flogging it to death for eighteen months (Kaiser Chiefs - we're looking at you!) it seems a shame that this mid-paced and unmemorable slice of Monkeys sounds much more like an album filler than a single, and the closing refrain of "I'll walk you home, what times the bus come?" sounds dangerously close to self parody. Must try harder.

Download Leave Before The Lights Come On from iTunes here.

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